1. Address all contributions, books for review, and related correspondence to the Editor, Fr. Andrew Hofer, O.P., c/o The Thomist, 487 Michigan Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20017. Electronic correspondence may be sent to

  2. Contributions will not be returned unless return postage is enclosed.

  3. Submission of a manuscript is taken to imply that it has not been previously published, or is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts submitted to the journal should generally be between 5,000 and 10,000 words long, though shorter or lengthier contributions will be considered.

  4. Contributions should be formatted for blind review, and submitted in electronic form. Footnotes should be numbered in one sequence throughout the article and should be placed at the end of the article. The manuscript should be prepared to accord as closely as possible with the typographical conventions of The Thomist. The University of Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) is our authority in matters of style.

  5. Contributors should retain one copy of the manuscript for correcting proofs.

  6. The staff will be unable to respond to authors’ inquiries about their contributions after acknowledgments of receipt are sent to them and while their manuscripts are under consideration by the editors.

  7. Galley-proofs of articles are sent to contributors to be read and corrected and should be returned to the Managing Editor within ten days of receipt. Corrections should be confined to typographical and factual errors. More extensive corrections can be made only with the concurrence of an editor. Contributors may be liable for additional printer’s costs incurred because of non-typographical corrections.

  8. Contributors of articles with an address in the United States receive 25 free offprints and one copy of the journal. Contributors with a foreign address receive a .PDF copy of the final article and one print copy of the journal. Additional offprints are available at cost plus postage, provided these are ordered at the time of returning corrected galley-proofs.

  9. Book reviews should be typed in double spacing and should generally be 1,500 to 2,000 words in length unless otherwise agreed upon with the Editor. For each work reviewed, full bibliographical data should be given at the beginning of the review. Footnotes should be avoided. A glance at recent issues of the journal should settle most questions of form in reviews. Unsolicited book reviews (other than review discussion articles) are rarely accepted for publication. Galley-proofs of reviews are not sent to reviewers. Reviewers receive one free issue of The Thomist.

  10. When an article or a book review is accepted for publication, the author will be asked to provide an electronic copy of the article or book review.

  11. Submission of a manuscript entails the author’s agreement (in the event his or her contribution is accepted for publication) to assign the copyright to The Thomist.

*The journal's book review policies may be found here